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To get help on a Supply Chain project or any automation project, or just to help you to get started on a project, please follow the information below and complete the quick form. One of our professionals will do a quick evaluation of your unique needs and respond to you at no charge. You can also use this as a starting point for a Request For Information (RFI) (or RFP) if you wish. If you have any questions, please call us at 937-429-1428 8:00am - 4:30pm EST.

We specialize in automation and processes for warehouse distribution, manufacturing, route delivery projects, and web-based eBusiness needs.

Thank you for your interest in ASC's Supply Chain Solutions. We value your business and we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible.

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There are three easy ways to get help on a project:

  • Email Us: Send us an email about your project needs.
  • Project Info: Provide us with some basic information about your project needs and your company, and we will contact you as soon as possible. By providing us with this information beforehand, our panel of seasoned experts will be better prepared to design solutions to your unique project.
  • Visit: Give us a call so that and we may determine if a visit to your site is a better way to solve the issues for you. This would be done to better see your operation in action and to discuss your needs. Or, you can schedule a visit with us at our main office located at the address below:
4074 E. Patterson Road
Dayton, Ohio 45430 USA
Phone: (937) 429-1428
Fax: (937) 429-8575 | www.ASCsoftware.com

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ASC - An Executive Summary:

ASC is a privately held, financially stable company that has been in business for over twenty-two (22) years with the same name and the same owners. Our family owners are active in the daily business, and as a result, our startup mission has remained consistent: "Provide the best distribution and manufacturing solutions at a very reasonable price to provide the best ROI for our clients."

ASC provides complete end-to-end supply chain solutions for advanced warehouse management systems (WMS), manufacturing execution systems, eBusiness solutions, route delivery (DSD) solutions, new point-of-sale system for retail delivery, and over twenty optional business modules.

In following our mission statement, our company has won many awards for these solutions including Top 100 IT Solution providers in the world.

ASC's solutions have been field proven by some of the world's largest companies over the past twenty-two (22) years. These world-class solutions are designed for large enterprise class clients (as we have many Fortune 500 clients), but our solutions work very well for small and medium sized businesses. Our distribution and manufacturing focus is on food and pharmaceutical operations (FDA approved solutions), but we can work well in any industry.

Located centrally in the United States, we have a team of experienced professionals that are unmatched in the industry - we can solve your toughest supply chain problems. In addition, we have many partners located throughout the world to assist you.

If your company is looking to automate certain business processes as a result of inefficiencies, redundant efforts, and costly errors - then let our team of professionals help you solve your toughest supply chain issues.

Our solutions really can give your company a competitive edge!

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