ASCTrac® WMS Order Management

ASCTrac® Picking Module

"We saved as much as 35% on our labor costs by using the fully integrated picking and shipping solution from ASC. We also increased the accuracy of all of our picked orders to 99.9%."

Tony H. - ASCTrac® Customer

One of the most important items in a WMS tool is the ability to manage and plan orders in the fulfillment operations. If you are handling 5,000, or even 10,000 orders a day, then an order management and planning tool is a requirement for your business. You may also require an order management tool if you are handling automated receipts of orders (EDI, XML, ASN, web based, etc) for fulfillment where you want the system to automatically process, evaluate, consolidate, or prioritize orders based upon your business rules.

These business rules can be quite complicated as you may have different business rules for different clients and that could vary by products ordered in an individual order. In addition, if you are an enterprise class client, these business rules may vary by region and division of orders by site can very tough. Further, these rules may vary by load requirements or restrictions on the outbound logistics side. Or, you may have a single order that has to be broken down by store level where that equates to over 3000 individual orders to manage with certain restrictions per store. In addition, business rules can be subject to inventory availability at the time the orders are received.

To manage all of these order planning processes, ASC offers several different planning tools to help automate the tasks:

  • Order Planning and Load Management (included in the ASCTrac® base package)
  • Advanced Order Planning Module (optional module)
  • Logistics Module - (optional module) load planning for routes
  • Automated order receipt business logic
  • Automated work order generation based upon order flow

These planning tools solve the complicated puzzle faced by warehouse managers and planners every day - and, they often do it without any human intervention. How would you like to see automated business rules applied to your volume of orders and then manage that volume in a totally hands-off approach?

The Advanced Order Planning Module also enhances our picking methods by adding Voice and Pick-to-Light planning. In addition, if you are a 3PL organization, these rules are expanded to support your 3PL clients.

The order planning tools also tie into the real-time inventory and all of the picking methods to support:

  • Pick Groups planning
  • Pick Groups by order cubic size
  • Automated Pick Group Assignments
  • Zone Picking
  • Batch Picking
  • Wave Picking
  • discrete Picking
  • Pick and pass
  • Tote Picking (containers too)
  • Partial pallet case picking (pick ahead style)
  • Reverse Load Plan Picking
  • Consolidated Order Picking
  • Route Based Picking
  • Pallet, Case, Each planning
  • 3PL Lot and Serial Picking
  • Pre-allocation of product assignments
  • Multi-warehouse picking
  • Multi-site load consolidation pick planning
  • Automated Transfer Order pick generation
  • Automated Work Order pick generation
  • and more, including combinations of the above...

And, the ASC Order Management tool does not stop at the planning stage, or even at the picking stage. It follows the orders all the way through the shipping process to insure that the whole order process is managed properly. Every client and every order can have additional shipping rules that will engage during this process to insure your clients' satisfaction with the order. You can even engage "last check rules" if you choose to do so.

When the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, the tools you use for this process are very important.

We can solve your toughest Order Management Issues.


Our solutions have been used by warehouses, consumer goods manufacturers, 3PL warehouses, route delivery/pickup companies, financial institutions, automotive manufacturing, healthcare inventory control, food manufacturers, and many more.

If your company is looking to automate certain business processes as a result of inefficiencies, redundant efforts, and costly errors - then let our team of professionals help.

Our solutions really can give your company a competitive edge!

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