ASCTrac® Point of Sale Solutions

Point of Sale solutions for grocery stores combined with Distribution

Point of Sale - Grocery Industry:

ASCTrac® Point of Sale Solutions

While you are considering point of sale software for your retail grocery operations, there are certain features and deployment methods that you will want to compare. For example, by fully integrating your point of sale operations and your distribution operations into a real time environment, your store clerks can additionally do enterprise inventory lookups, load pre-orders, do price checks, etc. This creates a positive retail customer experience.

ASC has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry and in food track and trace operations. Imagine, the ability to track a specific food product (in case of a recall) from the first receipt into your distribution center all the way to the consumer - with our solution, you can do that.

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ASC provides point of sale operations in enterprise deployments for mission critical operations:

ASCTrac® Solutions

Key Differentiations:

  • Real time visibility across the enterprise
  • Real-time inventory and pricing across your enterprise
  • Deployable in many different ways for scalability in your enterprise or local store, or both
  • Designed for maximum uptime with automated network traffic monitoring
  • Uses Microsoft ® SQL for ease of use, and for excellent reporting tools
  • Easy to configure screens, functions, and languages
  • One solution to manage your entire retail store and distribution business
  • Powerful eCommerce/eBusiness options available
  • Far lower cost than most comparable retail systems

When customers approach checkout lines, they want smooth transactions and few delays. A grocery or retail store needs to be well-prepared to make that happen. ASC's Point-of-Sale (POS) software modules help to effectively process large numbers of customers with accuracy and efficiency, enhancing the customer experience.

Along with being scalable to company size, all ASC modules will connect you with your point-of-sale checkout lanes, warehouses, route delivery, customer programs, web-based eCommerce or eBusiness needs, and all other operations critical to your business.

Whether you operate two checkout counters or hundreds of checkout lines, ASC offers scalable solutions to meet the goals of your enterprise.

Real-time pricing and true inventory tracking:

For more than twenty years, ASC has worked with food and pharmaceutical operations to ensure product quality and lot traceability. These vital capabilities naturally extend to the grocery and retail sectors.

Change the price in your master database and it will instantly update the POS system, allowing you to make an adjustment across your entire enterprise or in just one store. It also enables you to look up inventory while in the middle of ringing out a customer, and even view inventory in your other stores while continuing the checkout process.

Your business needs real-time information, and ASC has paved the way in getting data to management quicker. Because the ASC POS and inventory system enables you to tie directly into your back office systems, distribution, and financial package, it creates a complete enterprise solution where management can receive exact information based on real-time data.

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Advanced Flexibility:

ASC's mobile POS wireless modules support on-floor activity such as reorders, inventory searches, receiving at the dock, inventory movements from stock to sales floor, and many other point-of-activity operations.

Advanced promotion features include Customer Loyalty Programs and Gift Card functionality. It also follows your warehouse system's promotions plan for "sale" information and sale item arrivals.

The POS software is graphical, easily configured, and easy to use. Intuitive user interfaces, touch screen capabilities, and easy-to-read customer screens mean that cashier training is minimal and customer interaction is effortless.

Standard connectivity is provided for register scanners, cash drawers, scales, credit card units, receipt printers, coupon printers, etc. These are written based upon industry standard POS drivers, and most of today's devices follow these standards.

In addition, all mobile devices work seamlessly and without interruption, and guarantee no lost transactions. Based on the high reliability of "virtual and/or redundant servers," our Enterprise-class products have the built-in intelligence to provide a full 7/24/365 operation with several layers of fault tolerance. You need this to operate your mission critical business.

Several credit card networks are standard including the same ones available in our eCommerce solutions. These networks support Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, debit cards, etc. Some of these networks include PCI, ATH, Pay Pal (mostly eCommerce), and others.

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